Saturday, February 9, 2008

Guess My Breed Contest!!

I receive daily emails about pets in need and information about how to help from a Yahoo group called Billyboard. Billyboard is an online message board devoted to helping pets at the Spalding County Animal Control facility in Griffin, Georgia. Occasionally, I get emails about really cool fundraisers, like the Guess My Breed Contest!

If you are interested in helping Georgia's pets in need, please consider joining the Billyboard group on Yahoo. It's as easy as clicking the button below and signing up with your Yahoo ID.

Click here to join billyboard
Click to join billyboard

Ditty Dats and Dogs Rescue is sponsoring a Breed Identification Contest to raise funds for Trap-Neuter-Return projects in Berkeley County and Jefferson County, West Virginia.

Kelli was rescued as a stray in North Carolina, and happily, through the efforts of Ditty Dats and Dogs Rescue, she was adopted and is living happily with her forever family. As you can see from her photograph, it's anyone's guess as to what breed she is.

Well, her forever family has decided to quench their curiosity and have her genetically tested to determine what breed she is. The test will give up to three breeds, and the percentages of each.

Ditty Dats and Dogs Rescue is sponsoring a contest to see who can guess her breeds!

You can make one guess for a donation of $10.00, and you can make additional guesses for $5.00 each after the first. The person with the closest guess after the test results are in will receive half of the money raised. The other half will go to sponsor Trap-Neuter-Return projects. Click here to make your guess today!