Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sadie is SAFE! Proof of the Power of the "Post"

Sadie is going HOME!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or if you read Houndsgood, you're familiar with Sadie's story.

She had been dumped at Heard County Animal Control, a very small, rural shelter in Franklin, Georgia. Her owners claimed that she had nipped another small dog in the home in a squabble over food. For this, Sadie was abandoned and labeled as "dog-aggressive." Heard Co. AC does everything in its power to place pets before they are forced to euthanize for space, but things weren't looking good for Sadie. After a couple weeks at the pound, no one had expressed any interest in her, despite everyone's efforts.

Chris at Houndsgood has been keeping the blogging world updated on her story. After a week or so at the pound, it was apparent that Sadie didn't have dog aggression issues. Most likely, her previous owner blew the incident way out of proportion. Yet, Sadie still had no place to go and she was long past her "times up" date.

Amazingly, one of Chris's readers has stepped up and offered to adopt Sadie!!! She is going to a happy new life! Congrats Sadie!!

This story is TRULY a testament to the power of the internet. I've seen it happen several times now! Simply posting the photo and story about a pet in need on your site can indeed save lives!


Trenny said...

I realize this is an old story but had to comment. I am the one who owns Sadie. Her name has been changed to Mardi Gras. Sadie did have some huge aggression issues, in fact she sent my great dane to the hospital, but she has come a long long way, and we love her. Mardi will still iniate a rumble, but will stop dead in her tracks when you say her name. She is super with my kids and is doing great. SHe lives in the Denver CO area and has hiked up two 14 thousand foot mountains with us already. She is a superb hiker. I am a vet tech so she has even been to work with me. Thanks for helping her out~