Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Rotta Love Plus T-Shirt and Mousepad

A Rotta Love Plus, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, works hard to help rottweilers and pit bulls in need. Not only do they rescue and rehabilitate death row dogs and place them in carefully screened homes, but A Rotta Love Plus works to fight the negative stereotype that is associated with these dogs. A Rotta Love Plus also works diligently to fight breed-specific legislation in Minnesota.

I've been a big fan of A Rotta Love Plus for a quite a while, and to show my support, I purchased a couple items from their online store. Their stores showcases great gift items for pit bull and rottweiler lovers to show their support for their favorite breeds. The proceeds from the sale of the items in the A Rotta Love Plus Online Store helps fund their work on behalf of rottweilers, pit bulls and other pets in need.

I bought this ash gray men's cotton t-shirt for my fiancee. As you can see, it features a scene from the classic kids' television show, the Little Rascals, as well as the quote: "Petey never bit Buckwheat...Ban the Deed Not the Breed."

And I bought this mousepad, featuring the same design, for my desk at work. It is definitely a conversation starter!