Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Awards Galore!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Dog Log has awarded us with THREE, yes, count them, THREE blog awards. Thank you so much :) As a newbie to the world of blogging, it really means a lot when our fellow bloggers think of Saving Lives One at a Time when they're passing on blog awards.

We'd like to pass on these awards to the following blogs:

1. HoundsGood. I absolutely love this blog!
2. Rescue Me. This wonderful blog features the profiles of sweet dogs in need of homes.
3. My View of "It". This blog is utterly fascinating! You can't tell where I fall in the political spectrum, can you? ;)
4. Pet Monologues. Everything you could ever want to know about animals. Truly some great stuff!


Carol said...

thanks so much Jen - these are really cool awards that I am honored to get!

PetMono said...

jen, OMG it's a three-fer! this is great!!!

woof! woof! woof!

Jericho Returns said...

Congratulations Jen. You deserve them all. Thanks for all you do.