Sunday, February 17, 2008

An Open Letter to Animal Rescue Groups

First, I COMMEND and THANK you for everything you do to help animals. I know that typically, your members are all volunteers who spend countless hours and dollars to save animals in need. My occasional donation here and there pales in comparison to what you do on a daily basis.

BUT, I have a problem. I am a member of several boards, mailing lists, forums, and communities. If one rescue group has a problem with another rescue group, PLEASE, FOR GOD'S SAKE, PLEASE STOP BASHING EACH OTHER IN PUBLIC!!! For those rescue groups that rely heavily on public contributions, you really need to stop the public accusations and back-biting IN PUBLIC. If you have an issue with the methods of another rescue organization, please take them up privately with that rescue. Unless the issue is serious enough to warrant a "Do-Not-Rescue," "Do-Not-Adopt," or some other such serious label, KEEP IT PRIVATE!

It does absolutely NOTHING for your public image as a rescue organization to fling around snippy, unwarranted accusations. In fact, whatever your goal may be in attacking another rescue, it makes you look ridiculous, petty, immature, and not worthy of my donation.

I support DOZENS of different organizations, and if I choose to donate, its because I believe the organization is doing good, regardless of what you think is the best way to conduct a rescue organization. If, as is the case I am currently frustrated about, I support both you and the rescue you are attacking, you are only hurting yourself. The more I read, and the more ridiculousness that goes back and forth, the less I want to support you. By wasting time needlessly making personal attacks against members of another rescue organization, you are turning off potential donors. KNOCK IT OFF! The sad fact is, you can't save them all. You can point fingers and say "I would have..." or "you could have..." but that really is irrelevant now, isn't it.

A word to the wise: most everything you post on the internet is available publicly, so if you accuse another rescue group of wrong-doing, make sure you really have a legitimate and serious gripe. Groundless accusations and personal attacks really hurt the image of YOUR OWN GROUP! Resolve it privately, or risk turning off potential supporters, new supporters, or even long-time supporters, like myself.

Thank you.