Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm a Foster Mom!

My fiancee and I have planned on getting involved in fostering pets at some point down the road, once I'm done with the bar, once my sister moves out, etc., etc. But, as luck would have it, a cute friendly little black kitty wandered into our yard the other day. I resisted the temptation to feed him, thinking that he was a neighbor's cat that had simply gotten out. But little black kitty kept coming back. One night, he sat by the back door and cried as we cooked supper. I couldn't help myself. I put some food out for him, and tried to figure out what the heck we were going to do with him. I contacted the rescue organization that we had adopted our second cat from to see what we should do, and they graciously agreed to let us foster the kitty through their program. I dropped little black kitty off at the vet on Monday, and he was neutered, treated for fleas and ticks, wormed, vaccinated, tested, poked, prodded, and pinched, and I picked him up today. He's settling in nicely in his "safe room" and he now has a name: Kirby. Right now all he wants is food and pets. He won't pose for a picture since all he wants to do is rub on the camera. I'll update with a photo as soon as I can get one :).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beautiful Nicole Needs a New Home, Buffalo, MN

Nicole, a stunning black young adult female domestic long-haired cat in desperate need of a new home. Some terrible people tossed Nicole out of a moving vehicle, but luckily, some kind people picked her up and brought her to the Crossroads Animal Shelter in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Nicole is up-to-date on shots, she is spayed, and she is ready for a new home.

If you are interested in adopting Nicole, please contact the Crossroads Animal Shelter at 763-684-1234 as soon as possible.

Crossroads Animal Shelter
2800 10th St., SE
Buffalo, MN 55313
Phone: 763-684-1234

***Update 6/18: I am happy to report that Nicole has been adopted!

Doreen's Doggie Delights

Doggie Treats!

I ran across this lovely little website and just had to share. What better way to treat your canine best friend than with homemade goodies? Doreen makes all these wonderful doggie treats by hand, and they are made of human-grade food. All her treats are also corn and wheat free. Sadly, we know all too well that all pet foods are not created equal. You can be rest assured that Doreen's treats are healthy for your dog.

Doreen's Doggy Delights offers four varieties of treats, including Stu Biscuits, Wrigley's Pumpkin Surprise, Lucy's Cherry Chewies, April May's Carrot Cookies, and Thor's Sampler/Zipper Doodles. The ingredient list for each of these treats reads like a recipe for human cookies.

The best part is, Doreen donates a portion of the proceeds from all sales to help support various rescue causes.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Goodies from Mutts-N-Stuff

Whew! Been forever since I updated! Just a quick re-cap...I am now officially a law school graduate, and I'm studying for the Minnesota Bar which I take at the end of July.

Anyway, I recently bought a bunch of magnets from Cafepress to support animal rescue groups. Here's another one of my favorites from the Mutts-N-Stuff Shop.

Mutts-N-Stuff, founded in August of 2000, is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization of foster homes based in Missouri, set up to rescue and find good homes for unfortunate animals. Mutts-N-Stuff fosters puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats; and the occasional pig, chicken, and rabbit also.

The mission of Mutts-N-Stuff is to promote interest and participation in the rescue, foster, and adoption of animals from area pounds, from owners who are dying or who have died, or who are in need of the organization's help. Mutts-N-Stuff tries to match animals in need with good adoptive homes. In addition, Mutts-N-Stuff is a strong advocates of spaying or neutering pets.

Check out Mutts-N-Stuff's online store to find some great gifts, including mugs, t-shirts, stickers, and more. They have a wide variety of awesome designs, particularly promoting positive images of pit bulls. Here's another one of my favorite designs from Mutts-N-Stuff store.