Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tigger Needs a Special Person

Tigger is a very special girl in need of a very special home. Tigger was brought into the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, New Jersey, when her owner moved.

The staff at the shelter has unfortunately discovered that Tigger has some behavioral issues, and being a pit bull, that reduces her chances of adoption to almost zero.

Tigger tends to be nervous about being handled and suspicious of strangers. These are strong clues that she was not treated very well in her previous life. When she warms up to you, she is sweet and affectionate.

She needs an experienced owner to provide firm, consistent leadership. An adult-only home without other pets would probably be best for Tigger. Professional training is also recommended. If her special person can't be found SOON, Tigger's chances of making it out of the shelter alive are slim to none.

If you think you might be that special someone Tigger is looking for, please contact the Bergen County Animal Shelter immediately! If you have contacts with a Pit Bull rescue, please forward Tigger's information to them.

Bergen County Animal Shelter
100 United Lane
Teterboro, NJ 07608
Phone: 201-229-4600
Fax: 201-440-4358
Email: shelter@co.bergen.nj.us