Sunday, October 19, 2008

Help Feral Cats in Burns Flat, Oklahoma

Feral cats need our help and protection. As you may know, feral cats are domestic cats that have reverted to a wild state. They are afraid of humans, and live in the shadows in urban and rural areas, scrapping out a bare existence. Sadly, many communities deal with feral cats by trapping them and destroying them, which is hardly a humane solution. A far better and more humane solution to control feral cat populations is trap, neuter, return. To learn more about trap, neuter, return (TNR), please visit Alley Cat Allies.

I recently received an email regarding a colony of feral cats located in the rural community of Burns Flat, Oklahoma. These cats are located on private property, and the property owners have demanded that the cats be removed, or they will be killed. A local rescue organization has teamed up with Forever Friends Humane Society to help these cats.

Forever Friends will trap, neuter, and relocate all the cats to barn homes, and take any adoptable cats into their adoption program. They have been offered a great deal with the VAW SPOT clinic to neuter all these cats. There are approximately 50 cats, and all can be neutered/spayed and vaccinated for rabies for about $750.00.

Forever Friends Humane Society has set up a campaign on Fundable. If you're not familiar with Fundable, donors pledge a certain amount of money. If the campaign reaches its goal by the deadline set by the organization, the money is then collected. If the goal is not reached, no money is collected. Foreover Friends and the feral cats desperately need you to pitch in to help reach their goal of $750.00. The deadline to raise this money is November 5, 2008. Foreover Friends is a 501(c)3 charity, so all donations are tax deductible. Please click here to donate!

I pitched in, will you??

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Great Cats From Second Chance Animal Rescue, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

I'm a foster mom for Second Chance Animal Rescue, based out of White Bear Lake, Minnesota, just outside the Twin Cities. My sweet foster kitty, Kirby, is currently available for adoption, as are some other wonderful cats.

Lately, very few cats have been adopted from Second Chance Rescue. Perhaps it's the bad economy...

In any event, here's a few of the wonderful cats available for adoption from Second Chance Animal Rescue. If you live in or near the Twin Cities, please consider adopting a Second Chance kitty!

GORDY is approx. 4 years old and a cute black & white boy with a beard and moustache. He's a real sweetie, very friendly and likes to be where the activity is. He loves to hang out in his cradle perch and watch television with you. He likes to play with his interactive toys or he's fine just watching the activity out the windows. Gordy is a silly guy yet mellow. He gets along very well with the foster's cats and needs to be adopted into a home with another cat companion. Gordy has his own cute personality; after you finish your shower, he will help get the water drops out of the tub! Gordy would be best in a home without kids or dogs. He is neutered, FeLV & FIV negative, and distemper and rabies vaccinated. His adoption fee is $95. If you're looking for a real pal, call us at 651-771-5662.

DUNCAN is approx. 1-2 years old and a strikingly handsome black and gray cat with white feet and chest. He is shy at first and needs a kind voice so he feels brave . . . and then he warms up and becomes your best friend. Duncan is an active and affectionate boy, and he likes to head but and rub against his foster mom. He loves running through the house and playing with balls and toy mice and climbing the cat scratching tree. He likes being up hightand watching the bird activity out the window. Duncan loves attention and playing with interactive toys with his foster mom. He also entertains himself by playing ball - he carries a small rubber ball around, drops it and then chases it - very smart guy. Duncan also throws his fleece toy in the air and chases that. He’s a big sweet (and often clumsy) boy who likes to talk to you and rub up against you when he's happy. He should be adopted into an adult home without other animals.
Duncan is neutered, FeLV & FIV negative and distemper vaccinated. His adoption fee is $100. Call 651-771-5662 if you have a quiet, loving home and are looking for a great friend.

HI – my name is CISCO and I'm approx. 2 - 2 1/2 years old and a cute black/brown tiger. Both of my ears were frostbitten off so I look like one of those funny breeds called a Scottish Fold. I am a very happy, social, and affectionate cat. I LOVE sitting on your lap while you read, watch TV, or work on the computer, and I purr happily to let you know. I'm a good cuddler at night and want to be part of the family. I also love to play with those toys with feathers on them, furry mice and sparkle balls. I really like my scratching tree and enjoy hanging out on the top level so I can keep an eye on the house and watch out the windows. Sometimes I like to talk to you. I would like a home without other animals so I can have all the attention; I might be okay with another playful cat if slowly introduced. And a home without young kids is preferred too. I am neutered, FeLV & FIV negative and distemper vaccinated. You can adopt me for just $95. Please call Second Chance at 651-771-5662 to see adorable me.

FRAZER is approx. 5 years old and a WONDERFUL orange/white boy with pretty green eyes. He is such an affectionate, friendly, social, loveable guy – he LOVES to be carried around and will hang over your shoulder (and gives little kitty kisses). Frazer is a good cuddler, likes to sit on your lap, be petted, sleep with you and just be part of your world. He will follow you around and tell you all about his day - and he comes when he is called; he's a good conversationalist. Frazer enjoys catnip toys, furry mice toys, his scratching post and watching the activity out the windows. When he wants to be held, he will reach out for you with his front paws or will try to jump to your arms. Frazer enjoys laying in the sun and taking long naps. He would prefer a home without other animals or young kids running around. Frazer is neutered, FeLV & FIV negative and distemper vaccinated. His adoption fee is $100. Call 651-771-5662 to see this friendly lover boy.

SYLVESTER is approx. 2 years old and a handsome black/white tuxedo with beautiful green eyes and long whiskers. He is a friendly, social boy who comes running when you call him, and he will jump up on your lap purring happily. Sylvester likes to snuggle and sleep with you and is a good companion while you're watching TV. He likes to follow you from room to room and, when you come home, he will greet you with a cute meow. He also likes to greet company when they come to the house. Sylvester likes his catnip toys, watching the activity out the windows and being petted. He is fine with the foster's cats and likes to be part of the whole family. A home without dogs would be preferred and older kids would be fine. He will need routine brushing to keep his coat nice. Sylvester is neutered, declawed, FeLV & FIV negative and distemper vaccinated. His adoption fee is $110. Call 651-771-5662 to adopt handsome, wonderful Sylvester.

Call 651-771-5662 to apply to adopt one of these beautiful cats, or any of the other pets available through Second Chance Animal Rescue. Or, you can visit some of the cats and dogs at Petco in Roseville, Minnesota, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. located at 2575 North Fairview Avenue (North of Highway 36 off Fairview Avenue) on November 8, December 13, January 17, or February 14.

Second Chance Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing, caring for and providing homeless dogs and cats with a second chance at life and companionship. We don't have a shelter but instead house animals in volunteer foster homes until permanent, loving adoptive homes are found. We rescue dogs and cats from animal control facilities and from a wide range of other situations before they are put to sleep or, in some cases, sold for research. Each animal is vet checked, heartworm or feline leukemia checked, wormed and spayed or neutered. The adoption fee includes a free ID tag and free vet exam.

Second Chance Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 10533
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Phone: 651-771-5662

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just a quick three years of hard work, plus three months of studying, then two months of waiting all paid off! I passed the Minnesota Bar Exam!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Contest! Help Your Favorite Shelter Win!

The Animal Rescue Site, in partnership with Petfinder, is sponsoring a $100,000 Grant Contest! Simply go to the Animal Rescue Site, click on the Purple button, then click on the button that says "Vote Now." Then you select your favorite shelter or rescue organization! In addition to a $25,000 grant prize, weekly prizes of $1,000 will be given away to deserving shelters and rescue organizations. There is simply NO reason not to participate! You can click every day!

The Animal Rescue Site