Sunday, February 3, 2008

Send a Valentine's Day Card and Help Shelter Pets for FREE!

Purina is offering a really cool promotion from February 1 - February 14 that allows you to send a free customizable e-Card to your friends and family. The best part is that for every card sent, Purina will donate $0.50 to help shelter pets in need.

Send a cute, goofy card to everyone in your address book and help animals in need at the same time, for FREE!

I tried it out and made a card featuring a bulldog wearing a cowboy hat sitting next to the Mona Lisa spouting mushy poetry. You should also note that by sending a card, you must agree to receive e-mail updates from Purina and its affiliates, although you can opt out later.


wildcatsthree said...

This is great. I'll post about it on my blogs too. thanks

Traveller said...

Unfortunately, Purina has one of the worst dog food in the world. After giving my puppy Purina for 1 month, she lost so much weight I thought she had heartworm or some parasite.

Same thing happened to my brother's dog.

jyackley01 said...


I don't feed Purina either, but I just thought that this was a fun thing to do for Valentine's day and at the same time, help support shelter pets, all totally free of cost to you or me.

wozog said...

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