Saturday, January 19, 2008

Urban Tails: Inside the Hidden World of Alley Cats

Urban Tails: Inside the Hidden World of Alley Cats by photographer Knox and writer Sara Neely is a beautiful little book chronicling the secret lives of a colony of alley cats behind the photographer's studio. The book, full of poignant photographs and memorable text, documents the lives of a colony of feral and homeless cats living in an alley behind the photographer's studio in Atlanta.

Everyday, people in urban centers walk past secret societies of homeless cats, forgotten and abandoned, to lead short and usually, tragic, lives. Knox's photographs capture the bittersweet essence of these fragile beings, one minute remembering a kitten chasing a piece of littered paper on the sidewalk, and the next minute remembering a handsome, dignified, gritty old tom cat who met his tragic end on the street. This book is a must-have for any cat lover, and forces us to confront the sad reality of the feral and homeless cat overpopulation problem. This touching book also documents the photographer's efforts to help these forgotten felines through a program of TNR, or trap, neuter, return, in an effort to alleviate the suffering of these beings, and to prevent more of them from entering this tragic world. To purchase, click here.

For more information about feral cats and TNR, or trap, neuter, return, please visit Alley Cat Allies.