Friday, January 25, 2008

Update! Help Chance Get a Second Chance!

I posted several days ago about a Plott Hound mix posted on who was scheduled for euthanization in just a few short days. To my great relief, I heard from a kind woman at the St. Martin Humane Society that this lucky boy had been rescued from animal control at the last minute through the efforts of several different rescue organizations.

Chance, named for the fact that his rescue was truly his "last chance," tested strongly positive for heartworm when he went in for his vet check up. Unfortunately, this is all too common for shelter dogs in the South. Heartworm treatment is very expensive and very intensive. The vet who will be treating Chance has very generously offered to keep Chance during the duration of his two month heartworm treatment. After that, he will probably be fostered in Mississippi until he can be transported by the Katrina Lifeline to Maine to find his forever home.

In the meantime, the costs accrued to rescue Chance are going to be very high. If you are able, please consider sending a donation to the rescue group responsible for saving this sweet dog to help offset their costs, and to permit them to continue rescuing Death Row Dogs, like Chance.

Fran's Pet Haven
1212 Guidry Rd.
Breaux Bridge, LA 705l7

***UPDATE 2/20/08***

I just received word that Chance the Plott Hound mix is doing very well! His vet says he's a very good dog, and he has begun the first round of his heartworm treatment.

I also received a link so that donations can be made via paypal to Fran's Pet Haven to help defray the costs of Chance's rescue. If you can donate even a few dollars, please consider doing so. Helping Fran's Pet Haven recoup the costs of Chance's rescue means that more dogs like him can be given a second chance.


Ferox said...

It's great to hear when one actually does get rescued.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, another one saved. It's very generous too of the vet to step in and handle his care and watch over him.

Menopauseprincess said...

I discovered your blog through Entrecard and I think it's wonderful.

We got our dog from a no-kill sanctuary in November. She was sent there from the pound because she was such a sweetie.

I am so happy these places exist, I love my PD (perfect dog) and wouldn't want to be without her. She is totally spoiled!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

What a heartwarming story. As a multi pet owner (family members really) it is nice to see that animals are helped in ways like this :)

Anonymous said...

We've given you the "This blog is rated E for Excellent" award, and you can pick it up at our Catnip Corner blog

Chris, Jackie, Gidget and Fritz