Monday, January 14, 2008

Adding a Petfinder Widget to Your Blogger Page

If you look to the right, you'll see a Petfinder widget that showcases a shelter cat in Georgia. These widgets are a great way to spread the word about pets in need.

If you have a webpage or blog, you can easily add one of these widgets to help promote homeless pets. Unfortunately, some blog sites such as Squidoo and do not allow these widgets to function properly in a sidebar. They work great on Blogger though.

Here's how to add the widget:

1. Go to Petfinder, and you're given several options for customizing your widget, including font, color, and size. You are also given the option of promoting a specific shelter, or promoting pets in a particular state. Make your selections, enter your email address (you can opt out if you don't wish to receive emails when there are updates or new features available), enter your website address, push "Go!", and the next page will bring up the code you will be entering into your page. Select the code, right click, and pick copy.

2. Go back to your blogger page and click on "Template." From there, click on "Add a Page Element" located at the bottom of the page. It will bring up a menu of several options, including "HTML/JavaScript." Click "Add to Blog" and it will bring up a text box. Paste your code into this box. Give your text box a title, like "Adopt a Shelter Dog," "Adoptable Cats," etc., then click "Save Changes." This will put your new module into the bottom of your templates. Click and drag it into your widget boxes in the sidebar.

3. Preview your page, and make sure your Petfinder widget is working properly, and you're on your way to helping shelter pets!


Buddy and His Mom said...

This is a great suggestion. Every little bit helps! I've had a Petfinder widget on one of my websites for a couple of years now. I feature pets in the Buffalo/WNY area at

WereBear said...

Thanks for having so many good examples to choose from. I use Petfinder widgets on my site, too:

I have three cats; all rescues.