Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nymphadora Tonks is Looking for Her Magical Person! Black Lab, Fargo-Moorhead

Nymphadora Tonks, or "Dora" for short, is a beautiful one-year old female black lab. She is currently fostered by my sister-in-law-to-be through Adopt-A-Pet of Fargo-Moorhead. Sweetie "Dora" was adopted when she was just a puppy, but she was returned to Adopt-A-Pet.

Are you that "magical" someone "Dora" is looking for?

From her foster:

"She is the sweetest dog I have ever met! Dora is quite mellow for a lab. She is the kind of dog that is excited when you want her to be excited, and lazy when you want her to be lazy. She will gladly go on a walk and then cuddle with you for a nap. She just wants to be loved! Dora thinks she is a lap-dog. One of her favorite things to do is be the "big spoon" when you sleep at night. Dora loves snow and will try to make her own snow-angels in the deep stuff. Dora is spayed and current on all her shots. Due to some unfortunate circumstances at her previous residence, Dora had trouble going to the bathroom as much as any other dog would, but she has not once had an accident inside. Dora is also very fearful of certain men but accepting of women and some men. Once she realizes you aren't going to hurt her she will try to lick your face off! Dora is sweet enough to be around kids and she loves to play with other dogs. Dora has never chewed anything she wasn't supposed to, but she does like to lazily pull apart her own toys. Right now she is about 10 to 15 pounds overweight but she should hopefully lose it quickly with a healthier diet and a few more walks during the day!"
If you are interested in adopting "Dora," please contact "Adopt-A-Pet" of Fargo-Moorhead.

P.O. Box 865
Moorhead, MN 56561
Info/Cat Line: 701-232-5856
Dog Line: 701-232-5681

If "Dora" isn't right for you, but you live in the Fargo-Moorhead area, please consider adopting a needy pet from "Adopt-A-Pet." About "Adopt-A-Pet":

is a non-profit, completely volunteer-run organization with the primary goal of placing rescued pets in loving and responsible homes. We are dedicated to keeping our animals happy and healthy.

We receive no government financial support. Adopt-A-Pet relies solely on private donations to keep operating. Private donations, fundraising events, and our adoption fees help us pay for food, medical supplies, and the veterinary expenses we incur every month.

All of our animals are under our care until a permanent home can be found, no matter how long it takes.

Did you Know????
Each year hundreds of cats and dogs are euthanized. In 2006, 1291 cats were admitted to the Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead pounds, and 574 of them were euthanized. In 2006, 979 dogs were admitted to the pounds, and 112 were euthanized. These numbers do not account for the large numbers who die on the streets or are hit by cars. Please spay or neuter your pets.

Do you have extra room in your heart and home to provide temporary safety to a dog or cat in need? One of the greatest ways to help rescue organizations is to foster pets. For more information, please visit the Pet Foster Network, which has lots of great resources for people considering fostering.

I'm happy to announce that "Adopt-A-Pet" of Fargo-Moorhead is also to be the March recipient of proceeds from my Cafepress store, Reekoe's Room. 100% of the profits from every sale from my store through the month of March goes directly to "Adopt-A-Pet."

Update 6/2: I'm very happy to report that lovely Dora has been adopted!