Friday, March 7, 2008

Looking for a Perfect Dog? Look No Further!

"Perfect" Dogs

From Homeward Bound Dog Rescue:

Name: Perfect
Breed: Pug / Poodle / Doxie / Golden Retriever / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Bichon
Age: Puppy
Gender: Male / Female
Description: Are you looking for a dog who has perfect manners, never has an accident, doesn't shed, adores children (even toddlers who tug on his ears or stumble on him while he is sleeping), needs no exercise, doesn't bark, has impeccable manners, never chews, and needs no training? Perfect is just that and then some. Perfect requires no heartworm preventative, never needs to be groomed, and never needs to go to the vet. He gets along with all other animals, even rabbits, and never even so much as grumbles at another animal, even if another dog is eating out of Perfect's dog dish. He'd be perfect for someone with a very busy life who isn't home much. If Perfect sounds like the perfect dog for you, you may find more dogs just like him at your local toy store. If Perfect DOES NOT sound quite what you are looking for in a pooch, you'll be a great guardian for a real dog! As you can see, we have tons of other wonderful, perfect-in-their-own-unique-way dogs!

About Homeward Bound Dog Rescue

Homeward Bound is dedicated to rescuing homeless and unwanted animals. We are a non-profit, 501(c) 3-tax exempt, no-kill dog rescue and placement organization based in Minnesota. Although our focus is primarily on rescuing dogs, we also rescue cats, kittens, & other animals. We are an independent organization and depend solely on adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations to operate. We receive NO government support. Homeward Bound has been in operation since 1991 & has placed over 12,000 dogs in loving homes. We try our best to match the dogs with the needs, wants, personalities, and lifestyles of potential adopters to ensure a healthy, happy, & permanent home. All Homeward Bound dogs must live indoors. Dogs are social pack animals by nature and we want them to be able to have all of the companionship, love, & attention they deserve, as well as a chance to bond with the family.

We rescue all types of dogs, ranging from small to large breeds. Roughly 40% of the dogs we rescue are purebred while the other 60% are mixed breeds. The age of the dogs varies from puppies to adults. We will tell you about each dog's history, personality, & behavior, including whether or not they are good which children and other pets, their exercise needs, & other important information.

Each week, new dogs are rescued and we hold pet adoptions every Saturday at a Petco location from 11:30a.m. - 4p.m. in the Twin Cities area. Please see our Adoption Dates and Locations for more information.

If you live in the Twin Cities Metro area and are looking for a new furry friend, please check out all the wonderful pets available at Homeward Bound Rescue.


wildcatsthree said...

Well, that would certainly cut down on the logs out in the yard wouldn't it. Very cute!

Melissa Donovan said...

I so admire what you are doing, and especially applaud you for being part of the No Kill movement. Thanks for being a friend to the animals :)

Melissa Donovan