Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chardonnay & Michelob, Senior "Pups at Heart" Need a New Home, Ohio

Did you know that shelters have a much harder time placing big black dogs? This tendency for adopters to by-pass large black dogs is known as "black dog syndrome." No one is quite sure why would-be adopters overlook large black dogs waiting for a new home. I'd like to thank Pet Rescuer Central for posting a link to this fascinating article about Black Dog Syndrome. If you are in the market for a new dog, please don't overlook those wonderful Big Black Dogs.

Here are two wonderful big black dogs that are in desperate need of new homes. Chardonnay and Michelob were turned in together by their owner who was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. Chardonnay and Michelob are now fighting for their lives. Both are scheduled for euthanization on March 22, 2008.

These two dogs have been constant companions since they were puppies. They are now both 11 years old. Chardonnay is an adult female black labrador retriever. Michelob is an adult male shepherd mix. They want nothing more than a nice place to relax and retire. If possible, they'd love to be adopted together.

Both dogs have spent their entire lives as outside dogs, and would really love for someone to bring them home and let them live inside. Both Chardonnay and Michelob are already altered and are very sweet.

Chardonnay and Michelob also come with sponsorships for any qualified rescue that can save them.

If you can adopt or rescue these sweet pups, please contact the Stark County Dog Warden Department immediately!

Stark County Dog Warden
1801 Mahoning Road NE
Canton, OH 44705