Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beautiful Glory Needs a Wonderful Home Where She Can Retire, McDonough, GA

It's just heartbreaking to see senior pets dumped off at animal control facilities. After giving years of utterly faithful devotion to their previous owners, they are simply abandoned, when the thing they deserve most is a warm bed and a gentle hand.

I saw a plea for this beautiful senior black lab through Saving Georgia Dogs. Glory 4/4-1036, a senior female black lab is located at the Henry County Animal Control Shelter in McDonough, GA. Sadly, at Henry County AC, a pet's time is not unlimited. Can you offer this beautiful, dignified senior lady a comfortable place to retire? Do you know a rescue organization that has room for this beautiful girl? If so, please contact the Henry County Animal Control Shelter at 770-288-PETS (7387) immediately!

Henry County Animal Shelter
527 Hamption Street
McDonough, GA 30253
Phone: 770-288-PETS (7387)

Update 6/2: I am thrilled to report that beautiful Glory has been adopted! If you are considering adopting a dog, please consider a "senior" or "special needs" dog.


Cynthia Blue said...

It breaks my heart to see older animals dumped... brings me to tears. Someday, when I have less than 6 dogs and 2 cats (rescues...) in my home, I'll adopt a senior.